I wanted to spread the word about a new philanthropic startup, GoneReading.

I’m not sure about the phrase “reading lifestyle” 😀 but the idea is that you buy their literary swag, and they donate the profits.

From their FAQ:

 To fulfill our philanthropic mission, Gone Reading International donates 100% of its after-tax profit to fund new reading libraries and and other literacy programs around the world.  This means that each year we donate a sum equal to or greater than our total revenues minus our total expenses, including any taxes paid.  We donate these profits to non-profit organizations with proven models and long-term track records of success in building village libraries in the developing world.

Skeptical old me immediately wondered…

Right, but maybe you’re a top-heavy organization that wastes all of its “profit” on overhead and salaries?

Nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact, our staff is 100% voluntary without any compensation to date.  Owners Brad & Eileen Wirz have received no compensation from Gone Reading International.

This seems pretty legit and it’s for a good cause, so check out their store.

Happy weekend!

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