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It’s nice that the Weird Tales publisher rescinded their baffling decision to publish an excerpt from poorly written, racist novel Saving the Pearls: Revealing Eden. However, in the process they also nuked the original page and comment thread. I think that’s a shame. So for lulz, because my comment was one of those nuked, and because urge to […]



Unlike certain memes, I’ve been busy working on a large number of new projects… and so this blog has been getting a little less love.  But I hope to bring a world of writing analysis, fun quotes, devious technical breakdowns, and JRPG screenshots back to you as soon as I can.  

Space Argument


Saw this on M John Harrison’s twitter & had to repost it… There’s a genre that ought to be called Space Argument…   …In Space Argument, cyphers with made up names would go on & on at one another for page after page, taking up positions…   …on problems that don’t now & almost certainly […]

“The Comeback,” an old story of mine (originally written fall 2009 and subsequently rewritten) is up at Phantasmacore. It’s about romance and regret in a steampunk world where martial arts has become big business. Check it out!

Conventional wisdom says that readers enjoy crime novels because they like picking up the clues that let them try their hand at solving the mystery. Readers of fiction in all its forms also like picking up the clues to the emotional implications of a character’s actions, body language, and dialogue. When you revise your manuscript, […]