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“The Comeback,” an old story of mine (originally written fall 2009 and subsequently rewritten) is up at Phantasmacore. It’s about romance and regret in a steampunk world where martial arts has become big business. Check it out!

Conventional wisdom says that readers enjoy crime novels because they like picking up the clues that let them try their hand at solving the mystery. Readers of fiction in all its forms also like picking up the clues to the emotional implications of a character’s actions, body language, and dialogue. When you revise your manuscript, […]

I’ll be taking a break from blogging until April 23 to devote all my attention to a secret project :3 See you all then!

Ah, sidekicks. Sam, Ron, Sancho Panza… the list goes on and on. I always kind of figured that a sidekick (loosely defined) was a way to give readers/viewers an “easy way into” the story. Like: for years, millions of youngsters have figured it would be just great to be Robin, so that you could get […]

From my many precious jewels of fiction quotations, I’ve selected a few that showcase different methods of doing exposition. Classic Infodump from omniscient POV Flat statement Ma KongQun suddenly let out a sigh and said, “You still can’t let go of that incident that happened twenty-three years ago at the base of Wudang Mountain?” –Gu […]