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Dan Brown’s books have sold millions of copies despite an obvious handicap. And I’m not talking about their lousy style. According to google, Dan Brown’s books don’t contain any sex scenes at all. I wonder why. All descriptions of sex acts, erotica paraphenalia, documents, and secret rituals in this parody are accurate. All said-bookisms, leaden dialogue […]

I just filed my Illinois state taxes. Not complicated, since I lead a boring lifestyle. However, I couldn’t help but notice this cruel joke perpetrated by the IL department of revenue:

It seemed as if the very whiff of masculinity, the smell of tobacco smoke, or a bachelor’s joke, would spark off this feverish femininity and entice it to a lascivious virgin birth. -Bruno Schulz, “The Street of Crocodiles” I ran barefoot to the window. The sky was swept lengthwise by the gusts of the wind. […]

Today’s device…. the POV character commenting on another character’s unusual remark. Probably the most common way of using this is for the POV character to “explain away” the secondary character’s odd remark by making a philosophical claim. In Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War, Mandela the POV character’s fellow soldier is wounded. A medic’s reaction is in quotes; […]

I’ll be posting lightly this week because all my spare time last week went into working on my new Writers Of The Future submission before the deadline. See u tomorrow!